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Hello from Team Final Melody. Above: we have Andrew Faust, who voices Kai and writes K4 songs & my hubby Joshua Lee (voice actor, writer/songwriter). Below is the adorable Bianca Noelle (voice of Danica & Marie and songwriter) & me (hazeqeren). These 3 people make Final Melody soundtrack sound awesome ( we’re missing sister-in-law Esther Lee, voice actor & songwriter). We have an awesome team. New episode soon! #charisproductions #CharisProductionsCrew #FinalMelody #FinalMelodyCrew #VanityHigh #VanityHighCrew #hazeqeren

Andrew Faust performing Final Melody’s theme song!

Hanging out with the FM crew wearing FM shirts. From left to right, we have Andrew Faust (the voice of Kai & K4 songwriter), me (hazeqeren - director), and my husband Joshua Lee (voice actor for Mr. de la Vega aka Kai’s dad, songwriter, and writer).  working on a new song for Final Melody Episode 8!

Danica art by yours truly. I know I suck… lol base by AngelicBases.

Kai and Danica by JakunenNeesan


Tonight around 8:30pm EST I’m hosting a machinima viewing party on Tinychat. It’ll be fun for sims machinima fans to connect and if you’re not familiar with sims videos, you’re welcome to come and see what they’re all about. No account is needed; just type in a random username/nickname on the…

Final Melody fanart by pinkskulz1911. Thank you so much!

Final Melody shirts. Got these today. I am so excited!

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Ben and Marie from Vanity High. Drawn by JakunenNeesan.

aka hazeqeren on youtube. currently producing "Vanity High" and "Final Melody" Sims 2 machinima series.

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