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La Petite Bakery

We make our donuts and pastries fresh everyday and we have a different cupcake special every week. Come enjoy an espresso in our coffee shop upstairs. Open every day 6 am to 7 pm

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Here’s my contribution to GOS’s July theme!  

There’s hella stuff, but it’s all individual with one big DL at the end~ 

Curtis and Mirabelle doing homework.

Charming (their dad) is dancing.

Serena (the mom) is eating her dinner.

The Royalty Family UPDATE:

Found two of my Sims passed out from exhaustion.

Curtis was on his way to his bed but passed out before he could make it there. 

While Mirabelle was taking a nice bubble bath, she fell asleep.

I guess I should give them a break. I make them do so much. lol

So I finally got the chance to play The Sims 4. Meet my snobby rich family, the “Royalty” family.

Charming Royalty is their materialistic father who can’t cook. He started a fire and almost got killed! The starving father was trying to barbecue when this happened. Poor guy! lol

Curtis Royalty is their eldest son. He is very outgoing and active and the life of the party.

And their youngest daughter is called Mirabelle. She is the creative one. She enjoys gardening and playing music. She’s probably the only one in the family who doesn’t mind cleaning up.

I forgot to take a picture of the mom. She is called Serena and she is currently pregnant and expecting baby #3! :)

More updates and hopefully a video soon! 

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sorry about some of the personal posts I had made by mistake. They were supposed to go to my personal Tumblr account. but thanks for the likes anyways! :) 

Mameha from Vanity High. Drawn by Sophia Parham (voice of Mameha in Vanity High Season 1) #charisproductions #machinima #vanityhigh #sims2series #fanart

Zeke’s birthday cake. Of course it has to be a Pokeball cake. Not perfect at all but as long as he loves it, I’m happy. #Pokemon #pokeball #cake #cakefail #cakedecorating #baking #birthday #birthdaycake #kristinebakes

Painted the decorations green. #weddingcake #cake #cakedecorating #kristinebakes #baking #caking

aka hazeqeren on youtube. currently producing "Vanity High" and "Final Melody" Sims 2 machinima series.

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